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Reviewed & Revised 

Review products, trends and services you may want to spend your time and money on. See what is being said, experienced and debunked. Revise your options for simpler, more affordable alternatives! 

Intermitted Fasting Methods 

3 Simple Methods of Scheduled Eating 

Time-Restricted Eating- Window (16/8 Method):

This is a popular and beginner-friendly approach.
It involves limiting your daily eating window to 8 hours and fasting for the remaining 16 hours.
For example, you could eat between 12 pm and 8 pm, and fast from 8 pm to the next day's noon.

 5:2 Diet:

This method involves eating normally for 5 days of the week.
On the remaining 2 non-consecutive days, you restrict your calorie intake to 500-600 calories (around 20-25% of your usual intake).
This method offers more flexibility in terms of scheduling your fasting days.

Eat-Stop-Eat (24-Hour Fast):

This method involves a complete fast for 24 hours, once or twice a week.
You can choose any 24-hour window that fits your schedule. For example, you could fast from dinner one day to dinner the next day.

Simply Revised:

Scheduled eating can be simply approached using any of the three methods above. If you are new to fasting, try starting with a 12:12 ratio. Then slowly move towards 14:10 and then 16:8. Allow yourself to slowly explore fasting and avoid starting with an extreme method. Head to my Top Picks for recommended further reading. 

Home Equipment-Loop Bands 

When looking at Loop bands, the 2 biggest differences are the material they are made from. Below are the 2 options you will see available and a few things to consider about each: 

Natural Rubber 

  • Sold in a pack of 5 

  • Light- XX-Heavy

  • Fun Colour options 

  • Very Light to carry and store

  • Will pull your leg hair 

  • More Likely to roll up, slip or bunch

  • Better range of movement 

Affordable solutions

Fabric Bands 

  • Sold in pack of 3 

  • Only 3 levels of resistance 

  • Broader band= more comfortable

  • Less likely to pull hair

  • Less likely to bundle 

  • Often too tight for Upper Body use 

  • Smaller range of movement even on lightest band 

Home Equipment:
LongLoop Bands & Therabands  

Long loop bands are important for larger functional movements. They can be slightly more pricey so it is important to understand what resistance you need and how you plan on using the band. A theraband is a strip of band vs a closed loop and similarly has its value. 

Long Loop Bands:

A simple guide to color and use. 

GREEN: 5lb-15lb 

  • Lightest option

  • Stretching, upper body rehabilitation

  • Mobility, Warm Ups, Beginner Strength 

BLUE: 15lb-35lb 

  • Medium and MOST USEFUL option

  • All of the above with more challenge 

  • Good for upper body work such as curls, rows, scapular strength 

PURPLE: 25lb-65lb 

  • Heavier band, good for lower body stretching 

  • Assisted Push ups, speed drills, assisted stretching 

  • Often too heavy for upper body, would not recommend for rows/curls unless more advanced

RED: 35lb-85lb and BLACK: 50lb-125lb

  • Used to support full-body weight

  • Good for assisted pull-ups and supporting standing work

  • Too heavy for stretching or upper body

  • Use with caution

long loopl.jpg

Therabands Explained 

  • Broader band, more comfortable more some movements and positions.

  • Useful for full-body strength, stretching and mobility. 

  • Simple to navigate and set-up for beginners 

  • Not as secure as loop bands 

  • Cannot support full body weight

  • More chance of snapping/ tearing than looped bands 


Pull Up Bar Adjustable vs Fixed 

The simple adjustable bar is can be used in most (almost all) doorways- providing they are standard width!  Adjusting the height of the bar for more allows for a wider variety of movements and can be more beginner friendly.  ​ A fixed set-up bar is easier to put up and take down and provides more attachment space for bands, various grip options and can be seen to be more secure.  ​ Both bars require no drilling or set-up to your home and are easily taken down and stored out of site when not in use. Ensure that your set-up is sturdy and always operate with care! 

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