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Stress-Management 101: The simple solution to controlling your daily stressors and why simple methods fail. 

Stress is an undesirable state. 

A stressed brain shrinks. A stressed out animal is more likely to attack. A stressed child behaves hysterically. A stressed muscle is tense and dysfunctional. 

When you are experiencing high stress levels, you are likely to feel over stimulated, less productive and unable to benefit and enjoy your life to the fullest. 

Not to mention the effects of stress on your sleep quality, digestive system and hormones. 

We are well aware that our stress needs to be managed- so let’s explore how? 

The internet, your GP and most other on hand resources will list a few of the following suggestions: 

  • Good sleeping patterns 

  • Eat a balanced diet 

  • Get regular exercise 

  • Daily sunlight 

  • Journal 

  • Visit loved ones 

  • Control 

  • Change 

  • Adapt 

This list makes perfect sense. It outlines a gorgeously balanced life that could only result in you feeling comfortable and in control of your life - right? 

Well, yes. And also no! 

Stress lives in our body tissue. Stress exists in our environment and even the foods we eat. Stress is slightly bigger than getting a good nights sleep or avoiding caffeine. 

The Simple Truth:

The simple truth about stress management is that we misunderstand the term. Stress management, not solution nor cure nor eradicator. 

These steps and methods can be taken to help manage your symptoms of stress. But they are unlikely to lessen the stress itself. 

It is not as doom and gloom as it sounds! Living with a level of managed stress is essential to keep momentum and positive adaption in your life. Think about everything you know about strength building exercise- stress on the body results in a stronger body. As long as it is a controlled amount of stress. 

The list at the top of this post is a list that often makes me roll my eyes. When a person is in an extreme state of stress, telling them to simply “hydrate” can seem so patronising and unhelpful. But, being stressed and dehydrated is definitely worse. By practicing these simple steps that seem meaningless at times, you will ensure a strong foundation that offsets the biggest effects of stress. This means you can simply handle more before feeling crippled or totally stunted. 

Looking after your health and habits means that you are in a stronger and more stable position when the stressors expand. This is something you can control, and likely your best bet at feeling like you can manage your stress. 

The simple truth is that many of our stressors are beyond our control and sometimes the simple acts of journaling and deep breaths do not help us with our fast-paced lives. 

However, not doing any practices will not only result in feeling the stress, but allowing the stress to be in control.

Use the tools you can, to control the things you can, to better prepare you for all that you cannot control. 

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