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How to fix my back pain for good? The "physical pain-cycle" explained. Relieve pain, correct alignment, strengthen to prevent.

Updated: May 31

Relieve pain

Pain is defined as "An unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage, or described in terms of such damage"

If you have stumbled across this article, my guess is that you are struggling with some form of physical pain. A pain that you carry with you each day and a feeling that dampens your quality of life. Back pain? Hip pain? Shoulder pain? Any form of chronic pain, no matter the intensity, is an energy sucker. Discomfort causes you to feel like you cannot move well, participate in your chosen activities or connect with your family and loved ones freely.

Considering all of the above to be true or somewhat relatable, I am certain you have taken measures to try and relieve your pain. Perhaps massage? Physio treatment? New shoes, new chair? Perhaps you have stopped certain sports and movements. Changed things about your routine.

Sometimes these things bring relief. But do they provide a sustained sense of relief? Is there a way to find a longer lasting solution to the discomfort you are struggling with?

The Simple Truth:

Pain management needs more than just treatment. Finding relief is important, it is step number one. Unfortunately, that is where people often stop. Once they relieve their acute symptoms they simply go back to their old patterns or continue with the movements that caused the discomfort in the first place.

The key to finding relief that lasts is what happens after you relieve the acute pain. The next step in the pain management cycle is realignment and/re-education of the muscle patterns. This is where physio-specific exercises, small focused movements and targeted mobility comes in. Allowing the tissue to soften, the skeleton to realign and the movement patterns to optimize (That sentence sounds confusing, but all it means is that once you are no longer in pain, you can teach your body how to avoid the pain altogether!)

The final step is to strengthen the body in the new patterns. Add load to the newly aligned patterns to help ensure that the patterns that caused pain are avoided.

Relieve. Relearn. Retrain.

Pain management is tricky and exhaustive, but hopefully understanding the full cycle helps you find your solution sooner!

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