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Healthy habits and how to stick to them: Why the "list" wants you to fail!

Updated: May 7

Health is achieved by consistent actions and habits that promote better living.

This means that if you want to be healthy, all you need to do is a few of the “correct” things every day. Easy right? So, if it is so simple- why are we experiencing a health crisis?

Wellness Simplified discusses why the simple solutions are not that simple.

Healthy Habits: The Universal check-list for healthy living.

“Do these every day to live a healthy life”

💧 Stay Hydrated

🥗 Prepare your meals

🛌 Prioritize Sleep

🧘 Practice Mindfulness or Meditation

🏃 Regular Exercise and Strength Training

🌿 Take Walks in Nature

📝 Journal or Reflect

🍏 Eat Whole Foods


This list is prescribed to you by professionals, encouraged by sales people and featured in almost every search into “healthy living”. And rightly so as this list describes a perfectly balanced, positive set of daily habits that will more than likely result in a “healthy” life. So that is usually where the advice stops.

We are given the list; we understand it will work. Off we go. Case closed. Solution sorted!

So- why doesn’t it work? Why are we not all the healthiest, happiest versions of ourselves?

The Simple Truth is that this list as very little place in our modern lives. There is no space, nor time nor capacity for most individuals to achieve this list consistently. And if they are unable to do what the instructions say, then they have failed at being healthy and all is lost. With that fail psychology, many people stop attempting any form of healthy habit and drift further away from the life they want.

The Solution:

Start with ONE thing on that list. Only one. Get yourself to a 70% success rate with one habit and then introduce the next one. Consistency is the promised land. It is the ultimate goal but it is also unattainable. The failure shame you place on yourself by not managing the list, only makes you less likely to improve. By celebrating the success of hitting your water intake 5/7 days in a week, you encourage yourself to do it again next week. You flip the cycle, improve your mood and therefore assure yourself a more positive and productive next day.

Simple Conclusion:

The list is a guideline that should be used fluidly. It is not an all-or-nothing approach.

The intentions, feelings, thoughts and energy that surrounds your actions is far more important than the actions themselves!

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